Data Destruction

Whilst your firewalls and anti virus software might be impenetrable, what about your physical data security?

The transfer and storage of data is central to your business, but what happens when the data is no longer needed? Or a piece of hardware has come to the end of its life?

New data protection legislation for the Telecoms industry has recently been introduced requiring Telecoms businesses to report data breaches within 24 hours, and in a standard format. Choose your preferred online quality slot machine either by themes, pay-lines or features, and enjoy!
Cheap procardia Are you prepared?

Confidential data contained in documents, hard drives and servers needs to be disposed of safely and securely to protect your business, your customers and employees. Doing so will help your business avoid becoming the victim of a data breach, and avoid a hefty fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office in the process.

What sort of items need to be destroyed?

  • hard drives
  • servers
  • CDs, USBs, DVDs, tapes
  • letters, emails
  • diaries, business plans
  • letterhead
  • databases
  • employee records
  • customer records
  • invoices and accounts
  • uniforms and ID badges

How can North London Telecomms help?

North London Telecomms provides Telecoms businesses across the UK with a confidential document and data destruction service.

  • on site or off site shredding service
  • regular or ad hoc collections available
  • lockable consoles and bins for storage of confidential material on site
  • security checked operatives and GPS tracked vehicles
  • all paper and metals recycled after shredding
  • IT equipment data wiping
  • hard drive destruction
  • secure shredding to BS15713:2009 standard
  • certificate of destruction, full audit trail and management reporting

For more information, to arrange an appointment or a collection, please contact us.

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