Cisco Telephones

Cisco Telephones

Just as San Francisco, for which Cisco Systems is named, provides a gateway to the Pacific Rim, Cisco provides the networking technology that is the gateway to computer-based communication. This Silicon Valley giant is the worldwide market leader in routing, switching, unified communications, wireless communication, and security.

Cisco was founded in order to enable communication. In 1984, founders Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner were experimenting at Stanford University to connect detached networks in two separate buildings on campus. After running network cables between the two buildings, and connecting them with bridges and then routers, the two realized that to make the disparate networks talk to each other and share information, a technology was needed that could handle the different local area protocols. So Bosack and Lerner invented the multi-protocol router, which they launched in 1986. By 1989, with only three products and 111 employees, Ciscoa��s revenues were $27 million. A player from Kroon Casino is only eligible for a bonus on first deposit (Casino Welcome Bonus) or when Order kemadrin dosage a bonus promotion is planned.



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